Image Nudity Detection API offers you a powerful & realtime JSON REST API that detects nudity images!

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  1. {
  2. "result:" {
  3. "value:" 0.91423267712,
  4. "classification:" "not safe",
  5. "classification_code:" 2
  6. }
  7. }
Scalable & fast

The API always provides you with enough performance, no matter how high or low your request volume might be.

Easy to use API

Our API returns moderation results in convenient JSON format, that is easy to integrate in any application.

Highly accurate

We are only using state-of-the-art technology and are constantly improving the accuracy of our nudity recognition API.

GDPR compliant

We make sure your data is processed correctly, according to the new European data protection regulation.

Automatically check content for nudity!

Protect your brand

Detect and filter nude content and make sure undesired images do not make their way on to your platform.

Save time by automating your approval process

We offer you effortless integration and realtime image moderation, giving you more time for important things.

Maximum speed

Our API is powered by strong infrastructure in order to withstand demanding workloads.

Save money

Only pay what you need. Choose between our free or custom plan and let our servers do the work.


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Try our nudity detection API for free!

  • 2500 requests / month
  • Limited support
  • HTTPS encryption


$3,99 / month

billed annually

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Higher volume & more features!

  • 10.000 requests / month
  • Unlimited support
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Service Level Agreement


$15,99 / month

billed annually

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What most of our customers buy!

  • 50.000 requests / month
  • Unlimited support
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Data Processing Agreement


$27,99 / month

billed annually

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Best buy - Corporate features included!

  • 100.000 requests / month
  • Unlimited support
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Data Processing Agreement

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Be in full control and host your own instance on-premises or in the public cloud.

Custom Plan

We are happy to create a custom offer if you have special requirements regarding your plan.


Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, of course. We also offer you a 20% discount if you request an annual subscription plan.

No, we only charge you for successful responses. Invalid pictures are not going to affect your usage volume!

We accept all common payment methods, including all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club, American Express) and SEPA Direct Debits. Enterprise customers may request annual bank transfer payments to be enabled.

We are constantly tracking and monitoring the uptime of our service. We are doing every effort to ensure a maximum of availability and reliability, leading to an uptime of 99.9%, calculated on the past 12 months.

We believe it is fair to get you started for free! Our free plan comes with a reduced monthly request volume, but is definately enough for smaller projects. Paid plans include a service level agreement (SLA), as well as premium support. is a nudity recognition API that detects related images. Uploadfilter is the perfect tool to check user generated content.

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